Strategy For Announcing New Product Features and Updates

Consumers expect creators to update their applications from time to time. By doing so, these developers need to keep their users informed about changes, whether big or small. However, announcing new product features may seem challenging.

Clients are meticulous when it comes to the new features of a product, application, or brand. Businesses are obliged to make announcements that comprehensively provides a new guide on the company’s releases. That is why there are standards that they need to follow to avoid such releases to flop.

Worry no more! You can make announcing new product features easier by reading this guide. All you need to do is take note of everything you will learn about.

What is An Announcement for New Features?

You announce changes within your product, so you can inform both new and existing customers about the remodeling. Adopting it, even if it is not ordered, will help you promote the new features of your product.

Nowadays, this process is a relatively big deal because the flow of device-product updates has become more and more complicated. It can fill customers with questions and dissatisfaction.

Changes can include new features or updates to previous ones.

These can be short messages, like in-app notifications. Also, they may appear as longer messages such as release notes and blog posts.

The Essence of Announcing New Product Features

The task of developing a new product feature is only a part of the process. When you create it, your users (and prospects) won’t just discover and use it.

There are such solutions and how they can use them too. You need to tell them that they are available. New feature announcements make it easier for users to find features that are most useful to them.

This helps you increase your discovery and adoption rates. It allows your customers to reach their “aha” moments quickly. It reduces their chances of churning.

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3 Strategies You Can Follow

Finally, you know the definition and essence of new product feature announcements. It is time for you to learn about the three strategies you can follow.

Read on the list and apply them to your marketing strategies now!

1. Make A List

Marketing landing pages can serve as a level up for products that regularly receive new features. Blog designs are often meant to feel personable and easily accessible to readers.

However, most readers want to “skim” them for the most relevant information. Landing pages help readers find complete specs or technical details.

You can do this as the “highlights” and deep dives on specific features usually found in blog posts.

2. Create In-App Announcements

As a general rule, existing and active customers depend on in-app messaging. Mobile and desktop users interact with mobile and desktop notifications.

It forces them to acknowledge your latest features before returning to their regular programming schedule.

Interacting users can see where new features can be accessed in an app via in-app messages. It makes this format the perfect way to announce changes to the UI that may otherwise have given regular users pause.

3. Eliminate Friction

New features can sometimes be learned straight from the horse’s mouth. As part of its live events, Apple announces its new products and features to its raving fan base.

Webinars are excellent tools for announcing new features, due to their multiple functions. Product experts can let would-be or existing customers walk through these.

Speakers can inform them by sharing their screens and showing live examples of how they made the changes.


Learning how to effectively announce the changes you have made for your product can help your customers significantly. On the other hand, it also benefits your sales. Following the tips listed above can help you make high-quality new feature announcements.

Remember to make a list, so users can have a comprehensive guide abut your updates. In-app announcements can also easily reach your customers, especially those who are interactive with notifications.

Lastly, eliminating friction through webinars allow you to market your brand better.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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