How to Write a New Product Announcement Email Examples

Are you trying to find a way to effectively inform your clients about your brand’s new features? Do you prefer methods that easily guides them about the changes your company has made? New product announcement email examples will do the job for you!

Businesses cannot succeed without constant positive change. These updates, new features, and improved customer experiences allow you to establish a significant renown. Patronizers of your brand will appreciate the consistent development your company is showing.

New product announcement email examples are there in case you need quite the assistance on informing your clients. These strategies enable you to communicate excellently with your brand patronizers with less hassle and better results. Improve your customer experience quality with these methods!

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What is an Announcement Email?

Announcement emails are messages sent out to tell users about something that has changed in your business. They’re sent to your subscribers on your website, via a targeted letter into their inbox.

You may send these announcements with a sale price, a limited-time sale, or an exclusive coupon to encourage users to buy your product.

These kinds of advertisement aren’t only sent out to let people know you have a new product or service. Even one email blast will not bring in tons of sales.

An announcement email makes a clear promise – showing people how you can serve them.

Why Are Product Announcements Important?

A lot of companies focus on designing and manufacturing new products. All of these stifles their efforts to achieve marketing, which is crucial to successful solutions.

Over 80% of new product launches fail because of this. Every business should have a well-designed product launch email.

Most people sign up for emails because they want to know what’s next. According to data, 50% of consumers make purchases through a marketing email at least once a month.

3 New Product Announcement Email Examples

Emails are critical to building hype around your new release. A product launch’s success depends on how well you communicate your product arrival and the value you can gain in delivering early sales.

It is the first step of your business strategy.

The three examples outlined below may help you start your email marketing strategy in different industries.

1. Product Release Emails

New products are released or versions of existing products are updated through product release emails. This type is sent to the user or viewer.

You can send these announcements through various platforms or email marketing. You may send this kind of emails for products and software updates.

These emails may include:

  • News about the latest update to your product.
  • New product suggestions.
  • Questions about the rate tiers on your pricing site.

2. Feature Announcements

You let your customers know that you have added cool new functionality to your product with feature announcements. You can also use these announcements to give back to your community.

This is a great way to share exclusive benefits with your users. It is also essential to make them feel good about their access to your product.

Also, it drives their engagement with your brand into a better level.

3. Pre-Order Emails

The ability to build hype by sending out pre-order emails allows people to guarantee receipt of your product. This could mean knowing their order will arrive within a few hours of your product release.

It could come weeks thereafter with the pre-order features fulfilled. Sending product release emails is a strategic move and should undergo well planning.

Pre-order emails should include all the essentials, such as a product description and the standard order form link. The link should include the button and specifics on timing.


New product announcement strategies can help you effectively communicate with your clients. Product release emails, feature announcements, and pre-order emails can help you achieve this aspiration.

Following everything you have learned from this article will reflect positively to your lead generation and better customer service experience.

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