How to Write New Hire Press Releases

New hire press releases are not difficult to write. There…

New hire press releases are not difficult to write. There are just a few key things you need to keep in mind. Keeping them in mind helps you create a release that’ll get attention and put you on the path to creating another.

You might have heard of a new hire press statement or release but have no idea how to write one. This “How to Write a New Hire Press Release” guide isn’t designed to help you write only press releases for new hires.

It will also help you learn how to improve your press release and make it easier to read for your audience.

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Why Are New Hire Press Releases Needed?

When growing your business, you’ll typically want to announce hires inside or outside the organization. A new hire press release is often used to make hiring a new talent easier, but it also helps build buzz around your company.

They also give you the opportunity to talk about your company’s values and culture. Additionally, a new hire announcement can be used as an opportunity to market to new hires in the communities surrounding your company.

How to Craft a New Employee Press Release

A new hire press release is like every other standard press release. Generally, you’ll follow similar steps. Include the release date, headline, sub-headline, location, and the body of the press release. Although the message will be specific to your business, following the standard format ensures the effectiveness of your press release. You have a better chance of reaching journalists this way.

Depending on the point of view, the organizing of a new employee press release can be part of a promotional or a marketing plan. The organizing process includes decisions about subtitle, location, type of release, and target audience. Proper organization will also help the release reach the right people. This is often a matter of scheduling an appropriate time for the release.


New employee press releases are important because they are a vital part of a company’s public relations and communications.

They ensure transparency, and they are a quick and effective way to communicate with employees and the public. They promote new hires to the masses, and they are a quick way to share a short, simple message with everyone in the organization.

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a press release statement?

  • Find something newsworthy
  • Make a compelling headline for your press release.
  • Subtract your story to summarise what you wrote.
  • Introduce essential information
  • Provide background information and context.
  • Develop the reader’s next steps.
  • Term your boilerplate

How do you announce a new hire to a team?

[Department name] team: I am pleased to announce that [a new employee] will join [school/unit/department title] as [job title]. [New employee] will start her journey with us on [the first day, month, year], reporting to me.

How do you write a press release after an event?

  • Start strong and succinct.
  • Use active voice
  • Locate a point person where readers can direct their inquiries.
  • Use a professional tone without any jargon.
  • Tell a story with your press release.
  • Please send the press release in a timely manner.

How do you announce a new hire on social media?

  • Name the new starter.
  • Photo
  • Job description or title.
  • Branding for the company logo.

What is the difference between press release and press statement?

Press releases are usually used for new news such as an announcement or update. Press releases can also convey information such as statistical data, lists of candidates, or polling sites. A reactionary statement is typically used in a press statement.

How do you announce a new hire newsletter?

  • Names of employees don’t always match what is on their driver’s licenses.
  • Posting title and duties.
  • The employee reports to him.
  • An overview of credentials and previous employment.
  • Brief biographical details

What are examples of press releases?

  • Product updates
  • Product launches
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Events
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Partnerships

How do you introduce your employees on social media?

  • Remember this is not about your company, but rather about your new team member.
  • Upload a photo of the new team member.
  • Write a one-liner explaining why they joined your team.
  • Share how they will work with your team.

How do you write a 2022 press release?

  • You start with a newsworthy item.
  • The 2nd step: Write a compelling headline.
  • Clicking on a Sub-Headline Text is Step 3.
  • Intended Body Content: Use The Inverted Pyramid Model.
  • Quote relevant to step 5.
  • How to Format Your Press Release For Easy Skimming.

What should be included in a new employee announcement?

  • Clearly defined purpose. What should be the purpose of your new employee announcement email?
  • Introducing the new hire. Having congratulated the new hire, introduce her and explain how she fits in with your organization.
  • Invite others to welcome her.
How to Write New Hire Press Releases

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