How to Write Creative Press Release Headlines

Press release headlines are your chance to grab the audience’s attention in a few words. Whether you’re writing a press release for a blog or a company announcement, headlines can make or break your chances of getting it published.

Follow the tips in this article to write a press release headline better than everyone else.

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What Is a Press Release?

A press release is short notice used to announce new information or report about significant events. It is intended for media coverage. They are often issued by public relations professionals or organizations.

Press releases are also generated by individuals or small companies who want public exposure. It is then distributed to various journalists or media members to review and consider for potential coverage. The press release is a marketing collateral part of any business’ public relations strategy.

There are seven main parts of a press release. These are:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Date and location
  • Body paragraph
  • Company description 
  • Boilerplate

Types of Press Releases

Here are some types of press releases.

1. Product Launches

A product launch is the release of a new product or service to the public. It seeks to attract media attention in order to promote the success of the new offering. Similar to press releases, public relations professionals and organizations usually issue product launches for potential media coverage.

2. Breaking News

This kind of news is of national importance that affects many people and the public interest. They are some of the most significant events. This can include natural disasters, wars, etc. News outlets usually cover these events as they are of concern to the public.

3. Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies usually announce merges or acquisitions through press releases. These contain information about the parties involved in the transaction, such as dates and financial numbers. From a press release, one can gauge a company’s outlook for the coming year and track how the company’s stock has been doing.

4. Events

Event press releases can provide reporters with something timely and relevant to publish. It is also a great way to spread the word about your event and attract more attendees. Ensure that you clearly explain the event details when writing a press release.

5. Awards and Breakthroughs

Prestigious awards and breakthroughs are always newsworthy and make great press release headlines. Make sure to discuss the award’s significance and give a profile of the awardee.

Creative Ways to Write Press Release Headlines

When it comes to press release headlines, there are many ways to create a compelling one. Your press release headline is like a headline on a news article, designed to grab the reader’s attention and interest them in your information.

Here are some ways you can make your headline stand out:

1. Use Active Voice

Using an active voice in your headline will give your release a more forward, active stance. For example, use “Introducing a New Generation of Smartphones” instead of “New Smartphone Generation to Debut.”

People tend to read press release headlines faster using an active voice. The active voice also creates a more exciting headline, making it easier to attract readers.

2. Make Use of SEO Keywords.

Using the right keywords will help your press release rank higher in online search results. This will help your announcement reach more people. You can even capture different market segments.

3. Keep It Concise

Keeping your headline short allows the reader to absorb more information in a shorter amount of time. The ideal number of words for headlines is 6 to 10. It helps your headline become more effective and memorable.

4. Avoid Hyperbole

Overexaggerating your headlines is one of the worst things you can do to your press release. Don’t use shallow words that make your article seem less credible. Find a middle ground, and let your content speak for itself. Take your time with this and think about how you want your readers to believe what you are saying with your headlines.

5. Use Numbers

Presenting accurate data helps to convince the reader to take your piece seriously. It also instantly lets your readers know that you’ve got a piece of information that they need to read. The more data you have, the more credible your press release is.

6. Avoid Cliché Phrases

You want your audience to take your headlines seriously. And using cliché phrases or puns might not be the best way to achieve that. Try to avoid it at all costs. 


Think about the headline first as a way to lead your audience to click on your title. Make sure to utilize keywords, provide information concisely, and avoid hyperbole. By following these tips, you can write a compelling and captivating headline that will make your press release stand out.

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