Writing the Perfect End-of-Contract Thank You Letter

As an employee, you can send a note of thanks to your employer to express gratitude for the opportunity to have worked with them. An end of contract thank you letter can help you end the contract smoothly and professionally.

A thank-you letter is an excellent way to wrap up a business relationship. You also want to ensure that you follow the proper etiquette when writing your thank-you note. This guide discusses everything you need to know about writing the perfect end-of-contract thank you letter. 

Why You Should Write an End of Contract Thank You Letter

An end-of-contract letter is written by one party to the other, expressing gratitude for the services rendered or delivered. Any of the parties involved in the contract can write the letter. It acknowledges the termination of the contract and demonstrates appreciation for the smooth business operation.

The end-of-contract thank-you letter is a polite way to end a contract. It helps to strengthen the business relationship and maintain good relations between the parties. 

You’d need to write an end-of-contract thank-you letter after you’ve completed the agreement with your client. Here are a few scenarios that warrant the end-of-contract thank-you letter.

  • Employer to employees: An employer can write a thank you note to appreciate contractual employees for the services rendered. 
  • Employee to organizations. An employee can write this letter to appreciate his/her employer or the organization for the opportunity to serve.
  • Firm to individual contractor. An end-of-contract thank you letter can be written by a firm to thank a contractor for fulfilling the terms of the contract.

Tips for Writing the Perfect End of Contract Thank You Letter

Writing an excellent thank-you letter following your end-of-contract deal can put your former employer or employee in a perfect mood. Writing a personal, respectful, and well-thought-out thanks is not hard. Here are some tips that can help make your end-of-contract letter even better.

1. Include Your Addresses

Like other formal letters, your end-of-contract thank you note should carry two addresses. Your address should be on the top left side of the paper, and the recipient’s address on the right side of the paper. Write the proper date; you may decide to include your email address.

2. Write an Appropriate Subject Line

The subject line of your letter should be concise and specific. It should tell the primary purpose of the letter in one sentence. You may mention the contract in the subject line to give the recipient a general idea of the letter’s content. 

3. Use a Suitable Salutation

Address the recipient properly. Suitable salutations for the end of contract thank-you letter are “Dear Mr,” “Dear Mrs/Ms,” followed by the person’s full Name. 

4. Express Your Gratitude

Begin your letter by expressing your thanks and gratitude to the person. If you’re writing to your employer or the organization where you rendered your services, thank them for the opportunity they offered you. If you’re writing to your employee, appreciate the effort they put into achieving success.

5. Include Additional Details

As an employee, you might want to include details of what the person did that you appreciated. You can say how the contract went smoothly and contributed to positive outcomes for the company. As the employee, you might want to state how welcoming and accommodating the company was during your time with them. And how they went out of their way to make you feel comfortable. 

6. End With a Note of Gratitude

Say thank-you again. Tell the recipient how much you appreciate the experience. Mention that you look forward to working on projects with them in the future.

7. Use an Appropriate Concluding Phrase

End your letter with a suitable concluding phrase. You could use “Regards” or “Sincerely,” followed by your Name. You may include contact information like email address, phone number, and address to allow for future communication.

8. Keep It Short

Keep your letter brief. Write only the necessary details and avoid exaggerations. Cut down on the fluff and keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Avoid overly-lengthy and complex sentences.

End of Contract Letter Thank You Sample

1- End-of-Contract Thank You Letter to Employer

[Address of the Sender]

[Email Address of the Sender]


[Name of Receiver]

[Address of the Receiver]

Subject: Thank You for the [Name of contract]

Dear [Name of the Recipient]

As you might already know, my employment contract ends on [End of Contract Date]. I want to say thank you for giving me the chance to work for your company. I’ve learned a lot in the past year. It has been a great experience working at your company.

I appreciate your support throughout the contract period. I’ve had great help from your guidance. Working at the company has been super innovative and informative. I appreciate your follow-up and helping me out at every step. I will benefit from the experience in the future. Thank you for the opportunity to serve [company’s Name].

I look forward to working with you again and wish you the best in your future projects.



Sender’s Full Name

2- End-of-Contract Letter Thank You to Employee

[Address of the Sender]

[Email Address of the Sender]


[Name of Receiver]

[Address of the Receiver]

Subject: Thank You for the [Name of Contract]

Dear [Name of the Recipient]

I’m writing you about the end date of your contract with [Name of company]. As the termination date approaches, I want to say thanks for your hard work for two years and giving us the best services possible. 

You’ve been an asset to us, and we’re blessed to have you as a part of our team. Your work ethics and professionalism make us proud. You never delayed a single project during your contract and delivered all assignments before the deadline. It’s an honor to have been associated with you.

Your hard work and dedication to tasks have helped us a great deal. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. We hope to contact you for future projects. Thank you once again.



Sender’s Full Name

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Wrapping Up

A well-written letter at the end of a contract is a great way to end the contract. It is a personal expression of gratitude for the projects completed. This letter formalizes the end of the working relationship between the two parties.

Without one, the separation between both parties can be unpleasant and chip away at an already tentative relationship.

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