Writing a Sincere Thank You Note for Webinar Speaker

Inviting a guest speaker for your event is a tedious task to do. The effort that this distinguished person will exert in attending your event is worth the gratitude and recognition. That is why you should learn how to write a thank you note for webinar speaker.

As the world continues to discover the potentials of the online setup, some events are held online. Digital events, also known as “webinars,” are taking place amidst the quarantine restrictions. Not all speakers find this current setup as ideal and sustainable.

However, if you want to thank your guest speaker, you need to learn how to write a thank you note for webinar speaker. This article will teach you about a few tips on making one. You will also have the chance to read an example below.

Thanking A Webinar Speaker

Aside from a token of appreciation, your guest speaker deserves a thank you letter from you and the events’ committee. Their effort on delivering a speech in your event means a lot to your audience.

The letter you will write will share everything you appreciate about them. That way, you can best express how your team appreciates their time and effort in participating in your event.

Letters are a good way to thank someone. These letters will contain everything you want to honor your speaker with. The letter can also thank your audience as well. Also, the letter should address everything you appreciate about the speech.

Your thank you letter should let the webinar speaker now that you wish to applaud them for the ideas they shared.

3 Things To Remember on Writing a Thank You Letter for Webinar Speaker

If your team have decided to send a letter of gratitude to your webinar speaker, then that is great! The letter should let them know that their time to deliver the speech is greatly appreciated.

The conference will never be complete without their motivation to talk to the people using a personal approach. Use the letter to send your appreciation of their expertise and support for your event.

However, making a good letter requires a little knowledge about making one. That is why you need to see the three things to remember on writing a letter of gratitude for a webinar speaker below!

1. Be Sincere

Like other letter samples, your message should sincerely thank the speaker for attending the conference. You can do this by sounding like you are speaking to them using a personal and respectful tone of voice.

The content of your sample letter should contain everything the people want to thank the speaker about. For example, you can thank them for their time attending the event.

The letter will serve as a simple yet meaningful gift for them.

2. Be Grateful

Next, the words you will use should make you sound grateful. Give thanks for their part on inspiring the lives of your audience.

Say thanks to the webinar speaker for their outstanding work in teaching what is right to the talk’s attendees. Thank them for doing business with you and for making an important, unforgettable thought during their presentation.

The words you will use should benefit both you and the receiver. Motivate one another by exchanging letters if that is possible.

3. Be Cheerful

Lastly, point out your cheerfulness of them becoming a member of the speech committee. Cheer them for their help on making the event possible.

Tell them that you heard what they thought your audience and that meeting with them is a decision you will never regret.

Also, inform them that they did a great job!

Do you think you need a template to help you write one? Check out the section below!

men wearing black blazer speaking to a crowd with blue background
Photo by Product School on Unsplash

Sample Template

Dear Mr. Hawk,

Good morning!

Thank you very much for your eagerness to accept our invitation for you to speak on our upcoming company event. You being present there means a lot to our group.

Even though we feel that you are busy right now, we thank you for your effort in accepting the invitation.

We hope that the event will leave a positive impression to you.

Thank you so much.




Thanking the webinar speaker who attended your event is an excellent way to express your thankfulness through a letter.

All you have to do is refer to the things you have learned from above. Remember to be sincere, grateful, and cheerful in your letter.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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