Writing The Perfect Thank You for Applying Email

Searching for a job can be stressful and frustrating. The application process can be even more challenging – watching your inbox for any sign of hope. You can sweeten the deal for anyone who drops their resume in your inbox by sending a thank you for applying email. The email should be short and professional.

A thank-you for applying email helps validate the effort potential hires put into their applications. It puts the job candidate at ease and lets them know that their application has been received and is being considered.

This guide will teach you how to write an effective thank-you for applying email.

Why It Is Important to Send A Thank You for Applying Email

Receiving a thank you for applying email can help put the applicant’s mind at ease. The letter will show prospective candidates that the staffing agency appreciates their application and that the organization is actively evaluating it. It helps the candidate feel confident about their chances of getting a job offer and participating in the selection process.

The thank-you email portrays your organization as a credible one that takes the time to process every resume and application effectively. Sending a thank you for applying email is essential for many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

1. Confirm receipt

The thank-you email helps the job candidate confirm that the hiring firm has successfully received their application. Submission portals can sometimes be unreliable and not accurately reflect the status of the candidate’s application. They might be unclear on whether or not the hiring firm has successfully received the submission, which can be problematic for the job candidate.

The thank you for applying email help assure the job candidate that their application has been successfully submitted.

2. Streamline communication

A well-written thank-you email details the next steps and the application review timeframe. This gives the applicants an idea of when to expect an update, encouraging them to wait instead of sending emails of inquiries.

3. Establish a relationship

Most people applying for the job may not be the perfect fit — but they may be eligible for another position in the future. The thank-you email helps establish professional relations between the hiring firm and the job candidate with the opportunity for future job placement.

4. Maintain company reputation

A company’s reputation depends a lot on how it treats its employees. Sending a thank-you email is a great way to show that your organization pays attention to its employees, including prospective ones.

How to Write The Perfect “Thank-You for Applying” Email

While it’s true that it can be almost impossible to answer all emails you receive, you should send a thank-you response. It is a courteous and professional thing to do, and the job candidate will appreciate it.

Here are the tips for writing an effective thank you email to job applicants.

1. Write a clear subject line

Your subject line should summarize the email’s content and tell the recipient about the email. Without communicating the focus of the email, your email can get lost in the applicant’s inbox. A suitable subject line for a thank-you email is: “Thank you for your application.” Try to use a specific subject line stating the title of the position applied for and the name of your company.

2. Include important information

  • Contact information: Personalize the email by including your name, title, and other contact information.
  • Greeting: A simple greeting like “Dear [name]” is professional and well suited for a thank-you letter.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt. Begin your letter with a statement acknowledging that you received the application and that the company is considering them and others.
  • Appreciation. Express appreciation to the candidate for their interest in the position and the time they took to apply.
  • Timeline of the hiring process. Include a timeline for the hiring process, such as when you’ll have the position filled and when the candidate should expect a status update. Mention a timeframe or if you’re sure, give a specific date.
  • Closing statement. Reiterate your thanks for their interest in the position and the effort they put into sending an application.
  • Complimentary close. End the letter with an appropriate sign-off, like “Regards” or “With appreciation.” Include your name underneath.

4. Send the letter

All done, send the email within 24 hours of receiving their application. The candidate will appreciate prompt response. It also puts your company in a good light.

Tips for Writing the Perfect Thank-You For Applying Email

Here are some expert tips for writing the perfect thank-you for applying email.

1. Use a professional tone

A thank-you for applying email is a professional correspondence. It’s essential to use plain and unambiguous language that the recipient will understand. Also, use a polite tone.

2. Be concise

Keep the message short and not wordy. Focus on the main point and avoid unnecessary details – use simple sentences and avoid the use of jargon. The email should address the one thing it is about—appreciation.

3. Proofread

Proofread the email and ensure it is free of grammatical and spelling errors. An error-free email is the first step to establishing credibility and trust with the potential hire.

Template for A Thank-You For Applying Email

[Your Name] [Title] [Company] [Address] [Email] [Phone number]


[Recipient name] [Address]

Dear [Applicant name],

This is to inform you that we received your application for the position of social media manager at our company. We appreciate your interest in our company and the time you took to apply for this position.

We’re currently receiving applications from other candidates and anticipate the start of interviews [add a time frame]. Our Human Resources department will contact you if you’re selected for an interview.

Thank you again for the time you put into sending an application.

With appreciation,


silver laptop on brown table near books and flower vast
silver laptop on brown table near books and flower vast

Bottom Line

It’s essential to send a thank-you for applying email to a job candidate after you’ve received their job application.

It helps the applicant confirm receipt of their application, streamlines communication, and maintains the company’s reputation. Your thank-you email should acknowledge receipt of the application, and express appreciation for the time the applicant put into it.

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