Writing A Special Thank You God Message for Blessings

Despite the hardships of life, One Individual is out there always to Help you. As you face the hardest challenges of life, That Person is always there to Rescue you. To thank That “Person,” you should learn how to write a Thank You God message.

The Lord God is the Constant in all moments of change. He is always there behind your experiences of sadness and loss. If you are a religious person, you know that He will never Leave your side.

This article will teach you how to make a Thank You God message. You will learn a few tips on writing one. Also, you can find a message example below.

Thanking God For Blessings

Thanking the Lord God is the most noble and religious thing to do. The Lord God never stops to bless you, starting from Giving you Strength to blessing your life.

Thanking the Lord God is an expression showing that you know that everything is possible with Him. It also helps you recognize that you cannot do anything without the Lord God.

Writing a grateful message for the Lord God does not require you to become a religious individual. The Lord God is for everyone, that is why you can thank Him even if you are not into religious practices.

Thank the Lord God for all the things He continues to bless you with. It is a way of praying to Him for the presents you are receiving from Heaven.

Thank Him for blessing you again and again. Thanking the Lord God lets know that there is a Lord God you can lean on.

3 Things to Remember on Making a Message

If you want to thank the Lord God, you should start by counting your blessings. That way, you recognize His Role in your life.

However, you should know that there are a few things you should consider when making a grateful message for the Lord God. Check out the three things to remember on making a message below!

1. Use a Bible Verse

Aside from praying to the Lord God, you can thank Him by using a bible verse. You can refer to the scripture for verse that express your grateful spirit for the strength the Lord God continually gives you.

Bible verses can also help you let your prayers be spoken to the Lord God whenever you want. Use that opportunity to thank the Lord God for His blessing of a wonderful life.

Thank the Lord God for the Help He continues to bless you and be grateful for becoming His worthy child.

2. Send Prayers

Another good way you can express your love for the Lord God is to show gratitude through sending prayers. The thanks you give the Lord God by praying is easily heard by Him.

The Lord God is a just God. If you need a gift or word from Him, He shall grant it if He thinks you are worthy.

Regardless of His response, you should keep a thankful spirit. The Lord God’s “no” does not mean that He does not want you to have it.

Most of the time, the Lord God says “no” because He has better plans for you.

3. Thank God

Lastly, thank God in general. Thank the Lord God for your family, your friends, and the people you live with.

Thank the Lord God for the blessings you are continually receiving today and forever. The Lord God’s Heart is never hard to those who are happy with His provisions and blessings.

Your thanksgiving of the Lord God’s Light through Jesus is also a right thing to do. It helps you replenish your soul with wisdom, trust, and reason to believe what is true.

Example of a Thank You Message for God

Dear God,

I would like to thank You for granting me another birthday to celebrate. Thank you for sending your One and Only Son Jesus Christ to save me, my family, and my friends from damnation.

I am utterly happy for the gifts and blessings I received today. I am grateful for your blessings in many forms.

Your Love continues to keep watch of me as I wake up in the morning and as I lay down in the night. I am grateful for your Loving Heart and for giving me food to it.

Thank You, Lord God, for teaching me how to forgive my adversaries here on Earth. That is the reason why I continually enjoy the glory of having life.

I will never stop shouting “Thank God!” whenever I receive a gift from you. I believe that my prayers are never in vain, because you are real, Lord God.

Starting yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I will always remind myself to be thankful of Your Open Heart. I will always thank You for giving me a healthy body and a mighty soul.

In Jesus’ Name I pray.



Writing a grateful message for the Lord God is both a noble and religious thing to do. You do this to appreciate God for the happiness, good health, and strength He gives you non-stop. With utter respect and reverence, thanking God is a lovely gesture of praising Him.

Remember to use a bible verse, send prayers, and thank God when writing a letter for Him. Keep in mind that nothing is impossible with Him!

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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