Alternatives to Say Thank You in Advance

Is it polite or presumptuous to end an email with Thank you in advance? Though the sender doesn’t intend to be demanding, this phrase often comes across as rude or thoughtless. Since you’re presuming they’ll comply with your request, many people consider this remark impolite because it effectively eliminates their right to refuse.

Additionally, it can appear that you won’t bother to say “thank you” later after they’ve complied, so you’re just going to say it now. This article outlines how you can convey the same sentiment of thank you in advance without using this exact phrase.

Appropriate Scenarios for Saying Thank You in Advance

The phrase “Thank you in advance” may be interpreted in different ways. While some consider it polite, others look at it as presumptuous. Following are a few scenarios where using this phrase is deemed appropriate without offending anyone.

  • When working with a coworker you frequently collaborate with.
  • If stakeholders have already committed to offering assistance, and you’re only providing action plans and next steps as a courtesy.
  • When you are providing details of a task that your recipient has requested.

Familiarity in the workplace is the one thing each scenario has in common. You can save the phrase “thank you in advance” for colleagues you have already established a good work relationship with.

For every other situation, you can avoid using phrases like “Thanks in advance,” “Thank you in advance for your help,” and use the alternatives.

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8 Alternative Ways to Say Thank You in Advance

When you express gratitude, it feels good. Thanking someone is a sign of respect when someone does something for you, whether it’s a small task or a bigger favor.

The central idea is to appreciate someone for doing something for you. Whether you’re writing to a colleague or a direct subordinate, use these alternatives to express your gratitude for their consideration:

Thank You for Any Help You May Provide

With this closing, you can express gratitude for the recipient’s time and effort. It means, “I appreciate your effort even if you can’t help.”

In Any Case, Thanks for Your Help

Once you’ve made your request, finish with this diplomatic phrase. You are simply saying, “Whether you agree or not, I value your consideration,” to the other person.

Let Me Know If This Isn’t Feasible by [date], and I’ll See What I Can Do.

This sign-off should be saved for a direct report. It is obvious that your recipient cannot actually refuse what you have requested. At best, you can let them negotiate the deadline, but this is not the ideal option either.

This phrase is preferred because it is more straightforward. “Thanks in advance” sounds more artificial or passive-aggressive.

Really Appreciate Your Time Here

When you need a person to do a specific task, avoid closes that give the impression that they can opt out. This type of closing is a polite yet solid way to say, “You must do this,” without irritating the person.

You’re the Best

Use this sincere closing sentence when emailing a close coworker who is helping you out. But be sure to save it for special events, or you’ll come off as fake.

Thank You for Your Understanding

You may need to make an emotional plea to your receiver on occasion. You may be letting them know you can’t fulfill their request or asking for something you know they won’t be delighted about. Once you have formally expressed gratitude for their patience, they will find it more difficult to deny your request.

I Appreciate Your Extra Time Here

We all like to be appreciated. Sometimes all it takes to spur someone into action is to acknowledge their efforts and to express gratitude for their time.

Let Me Know If I Can Help

Is there anything you could do to facilitate the process or make the task easier for the recipient? Try to take these steps actively and always let them know you’re willing to help out and take on some of the load.


People are more inclined to offer assistance out of genuine concern, gratitude, and respect. We all know how much it means to receive a thank you. And it only takes a sincere word to make a world of difference.

So, take the time and opportunity in hand to say thank you in advance to those who help you and make your life easier! This article outlines alternative phrases to “Thank you in advance” for situations where this closing is considered more presumptuous and less polite.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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