Guide to Writing Effective Press Release Quotes

Organizations use press releases whenever they have essential information to pass on to the public.

Apart from the headline and other vital aspects of the press release, the quote from a key personality within the organization is also critical. It provides valuable insight and perspective from crucial company stakeholders and adds a personal touch to the announcement.

Writing press release quotes can be challenging – but with the tips in this guide, you’ll be able to write one that can genuinely impact your audience and transform your publicity efforts.

While including a quote is crucial, only quotes of valuable impact should be chosen. Pointless, vague quotes will only confuse the audience and increase the likelihood of a lack of response from the media.

Understanding how to write press release quotes will improve the quality and impact of your announcements. This guide discusses tips for writing quotes that can help turn ordinary information into a worthwhile, effective, and successful PR event. 

What is a Press Release Quote?

An organization typically uses a press release to communicate important information to the public. Press release quotes are comments made by key stakeholders within the organization in a press release.

They add credibility and authenticity to whatever the organization is trying to communicate. However, when they’re poorly written, grammatically incorrect, or valueless, they diminish the organization’s credibility. 

Press release quotes provide additional context or perspective on the information being shared in the press release. These quotes mostly highlight key points, explain the news’s significance, or provide further details about the topic being discussed.

Press release quotes are usually attributed to specific individuals, such as the spokesperson or CEO of the organization issuing the press release.

Types of Press Release Quotes

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1. Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes are a way of humanizing your press release. These quotes aim to inspire and motivate the reader. They also convey a positive message or encourage a particular action.

For example.“We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve great things, and our new product is designed to help people reach their goals. We hope it will inspire people to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.”

2. Problem-solving quote

Everyone likes a solved problem. This kind of quote displays the problem your press release solves. It addresses a specific issue or challenge and highlights how your product or service solves that problem. 

For example“Our new software helps businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency, saving them time and money. It’s a game-changer for companies looking to boost productivity and stay ahead of the competition.”

3. Emotional quote

Emotions are one of the best ways to captivate people. These quotes aim to evoke an emotional response from the reader and can be used to create a sense of connection with the audience. This also adds a human touch to the press release quote.

For example: We created this product with the aim of providing quality education for everyone. We hope that it will inspire people to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.”

4. Assessment-based quote

This is another way to structure your quote. It is mostly based on research or assessment you have carried out. It may be a professional assessment or evaluation of a product or service. This will provide credibility and authority to the press release.

For example“According to independent testing, our new product is the most advanced and effective on the market. It consistently outperformed the competition in terms of speed and accuracy, making it the clear choice for professionals in the field.”

5. A figure-of-speech-based quote

These press release quotes use figurative language, such as metaphors or similes. It is mostly used to describe a product or service more interestingly and engagingly. 

For example“Our new app is like a personal assistant for your phone. It helps you stay organized and on top of tasks, making your day run smoothly and efficiently.”

6. Humor-based quote

To make your quote catchy and interesting, consider using humor. These quotes use sarcasm to engage the reader and make the press release more entertaining and memorable. 

For example“Our new product may not solve world peace, but it will make your mornings less chaotic. Just think of it as a little ray of sunshine in your day.”

Writing Press Release Quotes: Tips for Success

1. Quote someone relevant to the brand

Including a quote from someone important or relevant to the topic of the press release adds credibility. It also provides a personal touch to the press release. When selecting a quote, choose someone who can speak to the significance of the event or announcement being made.

2. Add human tone

Although a press release quote should be professional, it should not be robotic. Add a human touch by using language that is more conversational and relatable. This can make your content more engaging and interesting for readers. You can include relatable language like “I strongly believe” or “In my opinion” to grab people’s attention. 

3. Make it speech-like

A press release quote should be written in a speak-like manner and a way that is easy to understand. This means using shorter sentences and avoiding complex language or jargon.

4. Add stats

Including statistics and data can add credibility to your news and give readers a better understanding of the significance of the announcement being made. Choose relevant and reliable statistics supporting the press release’s main points.

5. Add superlatives

Using superlatives, such as “first,” “best,” or “largest,” can help to emphasize the importance of the event or announcement being made in the quote. However, using these sparingly and only when warranted is important, as overusing superlatives can diminish their impact.

6. Add sound bites

Soundbites are short, memorable phrases that can be easily quoted or shared in media coverage. Including a few well-crafted sound bites in a press release helps to make the content more memorable. It also increases the chances that your content will be shared or picked up by media outlets.

Common Mistakes Made When Writing a Press Release Quote

  • Not including a quote from a relevant source.
  • Writing a quote that is too long or difficult to understand.
  • Not attributing the quote to the correct source.
  • Using a quote that is not relevant to the topic of the press release.
  • Not properly formatting the quote (e.g., not using quotation marks or not indenting it).
  • Using a quote that could be perceived as controversial or offensive.
  • Placing the quote in a location disrupts the flow of the press release.
  • Not including context or background information with the quote.
  • Not proofreading the quote for errors or inaccuracies.

Wrapping Up

Press release quotes are tools for drawing interest in announcements and newsworthy releases. In whichever way you approach your quote, ensure they are catchy enough to create a great impression. 

Use your press release quote to bring a human feel to your press release. However, be careful not be make it pointless and boring. Be sure to keep your audience engaged through the quote. With the tips above, writing press release quotes will be a breeze.

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