Copywriting is hard. Whether you’re writing product descriptions or Pay Per Click ads, a huge volume of work is involved. Moreover, the repetitive nature of these tasks can easily drain your creativity. This is where an AI copywriting tool comes in and saves the day.

AI is used for several marketing activities today. Many companies have even started incorporating AI-driven copywriting into their overall content strategy.

In this article, we will discuss how copywriting tools can benefit your content marketing strategy. We’ve also listed some of the best tools you can use to write better and more tailored content with your brand.

Why You Need an AI Copywriting Tool

AI Copywriting is essentially computer-generated writing done using natural language processing tools. The AI tools in the market today can analyze your writing and create content meant to resonate with your readers and customers.

The greatest benefit of AI copywriting tools is that they can work at a massive scale. You can use it to produce almost any type of content in a fraction of the time you’d normally spend manually doing it. Furthermore, AI tools can analyze your previous work and adjust the writing style and content to improve your copy.

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How does AI Copywriting Tools Work?

Most copywriting tools work similarly. You decide first what you want to write about and then what content you want. The format could include anything from a blog post to a short article.

Then, you set certain parameters for the AI tool to follow. For example, you want a specific font or layout, relevant image, or professional tone.

After receiving the instructions, the tool generates content based on these parameters. It analyzes similar content from around the web and processes it into something new and plagiarism-free. Pretty amazing, right?

You can also use copywriting tools to supplement your writing instead of generating content from scratch. When you write, you’ll notice how the tool guides you through the writing process. It helps you brainstorm and organize your content and provides amazing writing support.

The Best AI Copywriting Tools in the Market

INK AI Writing Tool

With the help of AI technology, INK can write thousands of sentences on your behalf and effectively target your audience. It’s an intuitive writing assistant to produce the perfect copy for digital marketing, website content, and emails.

There are tons of features available in Ink that can help you produce excellent content for your business. Best of all, you can start writing with just the click of a button. What could be easier?

Key Features:

  • AI-writing
  • SEO features
  • Grammar checker
  • Headline optimization
  • Tone-matching algorithm
  • Plugin support
  • Has different pricing plans to fit your needs


Another great AI copywriting tool is Writesonic. This software is used to write blog posts, press releases, and sales copies for marketing teams, agencies, and eCommerce brands.

It’s pretty easy to use and has a modern interface. WriteSonic also includes PAS and AIDA frameworks and is trained on best-performing content from top brands.

  • Writes website copies from landing pages to SEO headlines
  • AI article writer
  • Digital ads copy
  • Grammar fixer
  • Sales frameworks
  • Readability checker


Jasper is a web-based content writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate text. It mainly uses Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) to write content from scratch. You can use it for writing blog posts, social media posts, or even email campaigns.

Key features:

  • AI writing
  • Grammar checker
  • SEO features
  • Plagiarism checker


This powerful AI copywriting software can be used in a variety of ways. With this new AI tool, you will no longer have to worry about original ideas for posts or marketing materials.

Additionally, it contains features that allow you to control your generated copy’s tone and language style. This makes it sound like you wrote it.

Key features:

  • Translate over 25+ languages
  • 24/7 email support
  • Content improver
  • Create converting product descriptions
  • Change tone of writing


Writecream is an AI marketing tool that helps you produce high-quality content in a matter of minutes. With the help of natural language processing, it analyzes your audience and suggests ways to improve your writing.

You can easily create high-quality content in minutes by answering some simple questions about your business and audience.

Key features:

  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Sentence formatting
  • Tone checker
  • Grammar Check
  • Autocorrect.
  • Content enhancer

Will AI Replace Copywriters?

AI has indeed reached immense levels of capability for creating and revising text. But there’s still a limit to what these AI writing tools know about peoples’ thoughts, feelings, and qualities. This is why they can’t replace human writers. They can, however, work with them.

By co-writing with an AI writing tool, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence to turbo-charge your writing process. You can speed up your writing process while still injecting personality and creativity into your writing.


An AI copywriting tool can provide an easier way to create and research content that will attract new visitors to your site. It can also improve the conversion rate of your landing pages and increase engagement with your subscribers.

All of these with a few clicks of your mouse. This is an ideal tool for marketers and businesses looking for something that can scale their content marketing efforts.

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