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A marketing angle is an approach taken to deliver your messages about an offer to your potential customers.

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Create Better Copy With INK's Latest Marketing Angles AI Tool

Generate Sales & Copywriting Marketing Angles tool

Generate Sales & Copywriting Marketing Angles tool

INK's Generate Sales & Copywriting Marketing Angles tool will help you write the best marketing angles message for your product. This free AI-powered tool will help you save time on writing promo messages for your target customers. It will also allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Main Marketing Angles Takeaways:

  • Marketing angles are the approach you take to deliver your product or service.
  • People purchase your promise of a solution, not your actual products and services.
  • The key to constructing effective marketing angles is to utilize the wants of your target consumers.

What are Marketing Angles?

Marketing angles are the approach you take to deliver your product or service. It is essential to craft a message that resonates with your target customers. Maybe you just launched a new product campaign, or you're offering discounts for a limited time. What are your objectives? Do you want to improve your sales? Do you want more sign-ups? An effective marketing angle will help you achieve your goals by identifying the best way to influence, attract, and convince your customers.

Remember this, people don't buy products, subscribe to plans, or acquire services because of the actual products or services per se. What they are purchasing is the marketing message — the promise of a solution.

Simply put, people are buying your PROMISE.

That said, it is not enough that you have a good source of traffic or that you have an awesome-looking landing page. These alone won't be enough to generate conversions. What you need is to find the best approach to promote your offers.

How Do You Construct a Marketing Angle?

How Do You Construct a Marketing Angle?

How Do You Construct a Marketing Angle?

The primary purpose of a marketing angle is to help you sell your product. For this to happen, you need to establish your product or service first. Your target customers must understand why they need it or what benefits they would get out of it. You need to know your potential customers' core desires and needs.

The key to constructing effective marketing angles is to utilize the wants of your target consumers. These wants are what marketers refer to as the Life Force 8.

What is Life Force 8?

According to Drew Eric Whitman, an expert sales motivator, Life Force 8 are the eight fundamental human instincts hardwired into every person. These instincts are as follows:

  • Survival, quality of life, and longevity
  • Enjoyment of food and drinks
  • Freedom from fear, danger, and potential harm
  • Relationship and finding a mate
  • Security and comfortable living environment
  • Competitive instinct
  • Care and protect loved ones
  • Peer and social approval

If your marketing angle can fulfill at least two of these basic human desires, then you've succeeded in convincing your customers that your offer is what they need. However, if you're still a little lost, here are some tips to help you construct a marketing angle that sells.

What Drives Your Target Customers to Make a Purchase?

When creating your marketing angle message, keep in mind that you need to speak the same language as your customers. Again, know what they want. Research and find the answer to the following questions:

  • What solution does your product offer to solve your customer's problem?
  • What motivates your target customer to buy?
  • What benefits will people get from purchasing your product?
  • What are your product's unique features?
  • What could keep your potential customers from buying your product?

Be Empathic

If you want to understand your customer's wants and use them as a guide to creating your marketing angle message, be empathic. Always put yourself in your potential customer's situation. From this perspective, you'll have more insights into their wants and needs. Use these insights to find the right marketing angle for your product offer. This will help you come up with an ad message that would appeal to your target market.

What are Themes and Angles in Marketing?

Let's define what themes and angles are in marketing. A theme is what clarifies your intent to your target customers. It's what lets your prospective clients know why they should purchase your product or do business with you rather than your competitors. On the other hand, the angle is the approach you take to deliver your product or service to your target market. It shows your customers what problems your product or service can solve. Basically, it's a way to tell people what you're capable of.

Themes and angles work together to make your marketing copy stand out. Without a theme or angle, it would be difficult for you or any writer to define a descriptive statement or audience. The right angle will enable you to connect with the right customers. That plus a theme-driven strategy, and you'll be able to come up with marketing copy that supports your business's long-term vision and goals.

Examples of Marketing Angles

Writing effective copy takes more than just knowing who your target customers are. You should also have a good understanding of human instinct and needs. Writing a bunch of text to go with your ad copy can be relatively easy. But, getting people to respond to your ad copy or persuade them to do what you want them to do is a different thing.

You need a proper marketing angle to create copy that sells. Here are some examples of powerful marketing angles that you can use in your strategy.

"Everyone is doing it!"

By nature, people tend to follow what the crowd says or does. We are social creatures. As one study suggests, people act based on the cues they take from their environment, especially other people. Meaning, if a bunch of people are purchasing your product, the next person to come along is more likely to do the same.

The "everyone is doing it" marketing angle is an approach that comes in the form of social proof. First, your copy must speak directly to your target audience. Second, it should highlight your product or service's popularity through a hard figure. Take for example Avast's copy:

"Using real-time intelligence from over    435 million Avast users   , we prevent more than    66 million threats    every day."

Those numbers are pretty solid and indeed quite convincing.

"We can solve your problem!"

Again, the purpose of finding the right angle for your marketing strategy is to persuade your prospective clients. One of the best ways to do that is to highlight the solutions your product or service offers.

Customers online know full well what their problems are. But many of them have not given much thought about what solutions they need. Your copy can make a huge impact if you'll highlight their problem and at the same time the solution you offer. See examples below:

  • "   Is your computer a little slow these days?       Find out if a virus or outdated driver is causing it with our software.   "
  • "   Want to workout but don't have time to go to the gym?       Use our 6-in-1 workout equipment in the comfort of your home and exercise any time of the day.   "
  • "   Why is your site traffic declining?       Find out what your visitors are clicking on in your site with our SEO tool.   "

"Save money!"

There's nothing more attractive to people than money-saving purchases. This marketing angle exploits people's need to secure good products at affordable prices. You can't go wrong with this approach, except if your intent is to deceive your customers.

If you want to earn the trust of your clients, always be honest. Let them know the amount of money that they'll save with your product or service. If you build trust with your customer base, then they are more likely to come back for a repeat purchase.

Here are some good examples of copy that employs this angle:

  • "Save    $15    if you buy    2   ."
  • "Who says buying more means paying more?    Buy 2 bottles for the price of 1   !"
  • "Create professional-looking video introductions in less than 10 minutes.    Subscribe for $25    and get access to our library of video intro templates. Choose your template, customize, download, and use it for your project.    Save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars by foregoing hiring a video production service.   "

Use INK's Generate Sales & Copywriting Marketing Angles Tool

Use INK's Generate Sales & Copywriting Marketing Angles Tool

Use INK's Generate Sales & Copywriting Marketing Angles Tool

Now that you have successfully found the right marketing angle, the next thing to do is to write your sales copy. Unfortunately, producing the best marketing angle copy can be pretty challenging. You need to make sure that your message resonates with your target customers.

If you need help generating a sales message for your product, you can use INK's Generate Sales & Copywriting Marketing Angles tool. All you need is the name of your product and a brief description of what it does. Once you click create, this AI-powered tool will come up with the best marketing angle copy for you.