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INK helps startups find their voice and strategize for growth. We use proprietary AI to analyze the competition for your topic and strategize on how to create optimized content. Plus, our state of the art AI generation will do the bulk of the heavy work. All you need to do is press go!


Generate a Unique Product Description - Save Time & Increase Sales

INK's Generate Product Description

INK's Generate Product Description

INK's description generator tool creates unique, creative, and strategic copy that's designed to increase sales. We've developed AI software that takes Content Performance Optimization to a whole new level. Our mission is to help professionals like yourself automate a boost in sales with our description generator online.

Here are just a few key points our AI-powered item description generator is programmed to adhere to.

Main Item Description Generator Takeaways:

  • Product descriptions explain what a product is and the problem it solves.
  • Product copy aims to give shoppers everything they need to make a purchasing decision.
  • Great product descriptions usually address a specific audience personally.
  • It would be best to include the product's benefit in your description.
  • Product descriptions that sell do so because the retailer provided all the relevant details.
  • Incorporate your brand's tone and voice in your description.

Writing product descriptions that sell can be a tedious process. This is especially true for online retailers with large inventories. While you could write your Amazon description manually, you could also automate this process.

Before we explore how an AI product description generator works, let's consider the basics.

What is a Product Description?

What is a Product Description?

What is a Product Description?

A product description is a deal closer - that is its ultimate purpose. It should explain the value proposition to potential customers in a way that describes the solution to a problem. Details play a big role so features and benefits should be a highlight of the copy.

Think of your product description as your front-line sales personnel. Consumers want to know why they should buy what you're selling. As a matter of fact, research shows that millennials are 40% more likely to be influenced by convincing descriptions.

The problem is, most businesses miss the mark by simply describing the product - no highlighted features and no special attention to the copy. Let's face it, when you're uploading hundreds of products to your online store, it can be daunting to sit down and write all those product descriptions - we get it.

Our problem solving feature that we're presenting to you is the ability to save you all that time.

But - the idea isn't just to save money. It's to make money, too.

Our description generator is programmed to provide all the bells and whistles to your product description. It's like fine tuning a car and giving it a new paint job.

But first - let's delve in a little deeper into what goes into the 'copywriting hack' that is our product description generator...

Why Use INK's Description Creator?

Have you ever wondered how big brand product descriptions persuade window shoppers into becoming buyers? A lot of time and money goes into perfecting each description with the use of a formula that is not-so-secret.

The idea is to answer questions related to what the product is and who the product is for — and why said product is a game changer.

Don't stop at answering the questions 'what' and 'who'. Pushing a little further into persuasion is the difference between night and day - or in other words, the difference between buying items in the cart and leaving them there.

INK's item description generator fills in that persuasion with the skill of an experienced ecommerce copywriter without the immense cost. Auto generate product descriptions with our text generator online free. There's no cost to you, but there is immense benefit.

So what exactly do these 'magic words' look like? Let's break it down:

Key Elements of INKs Ecommerce Product Description Generator

By entering limited information into our description generator tool, you want to cover:

  • How it can improve user experience
  • Technical specs (if available)
  • Added value or benefits
  • Other relevant information

The goal here is to give the shopper everything they need to make a purchasing decision.

Of course, providing these details can be tedious when your product page contains a long list of items. The trick is to figure out how to write creative product descriptions in record time using our super fast item description generator. Let's go over a few different types of products and how our description generator works its magic.

Jewelry Description Generator

This is a delicate subject. Creativity here is an absolute must. Your description will need to entice the buyer into wanting or needing a piece of jewelry based on beauty and value - and we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So let's take a quick sample and see what our jewelry description generator comes up with. We'll get a few results when using our description maker, but for the purpose of this exercise, we're going to pick only one.

Before Using INK's Jewelry Description Generator:

Here's what we entered into our description creator:

Product Name: Pink Diamond Ring

Brief Concept: Princess cut, 1 inch diameter pink diamond, with a platinum band that's studded with 1mm diamonds all around

After Using INK's Jewelry Description Generator

Here's the jewelry description template INK generated:

Sparkling on any finger, this stunning diamond ring is perfectly suited for any jewelry collection. It is a princess cut, with a 1 inch diameter pink diamond, studded with one millimeter diamonds that go all the way around the band. This ring is located in the diamond comfort zone: neutral color with a platinum band.

Clothing Description Generator

How are you going to make your users imagine themselves walking down the street wearing your collection? You gotta sell the style by selling the way of life. We're going to enter bullet point details into our clothes description generator and see the persuasion that ensues.

Before Using INK's Clothing Description Generator

Here's what we entered into our description maker:

Product Name: Vintage Black T-shirt

Brief Concept:

  • black t-shirt
  • evergreen stitch
  • chest pocket
  • frill bottom
  • reversible
  • trendy style

After Using INK's Clothing Description Generator

Here's what our clothes description generator came up with:

This soft, classic t-shirt was masterfully designed for a perfect fit. The evergreen stitch gives this piece a rustic quality while the chest pocket and frill bottom add a much needed touch of modern style. The reversible t-shirt not only looks great, but is thrown into the bargain.

Amazon Description Generator

Amazon is as dense as an actual amazon - there's so much competition and it's tough to compete with ad buyers and Amazon's own brand out-selling the masses. What's going to set you apart is how you sell as opposed to what you sell.

The truth of the matter is, if you're selling rugs, there are thousands (millions?) of others doing just the same. If you're selling electronics - the big name brands are dominating the space. So let's get some help from our Amazon description generator.

Before Using INK's Amazon Description Generator

Here's what we entered into our short description generator:

Product Name: Koala smartphone

Brief Concept: hologram smartphone with 7G capabilities. turns into a laptop. Sticks to the wall and other surfaces to use as a big screen tv. 3D screen and hologram picture. Comes in any color and can change color through settings.

After Using INK's Amazon Description Generator

Here's what came up when we used our description generator online:

The Koala is a thin, smartphone-like device with a 7G capabilities, and a strong hanger in the back that becomes a tabletop display for the holographic screen and stereo speakers. It has a variety of colors and can change colors quickly and easily. The screen is 3D and the picture, anything from a funny meme to an uplifting quote, appearing in the form of a hologram.

Shopify Product Description Maker

Shopify is a great way to create your online store and perfecting the design and web content with imagery can be enough of a hassle and project on its own. Once you get to the point where you're finally uploading products, you want to get them up as fast as humanly possible. Except, an added AI touch can really simplify the work and amplify the effects. INK's product description generator online can be of big help here.

Before Using INK's Shopify Product Description Generator

Here's what we entered into our description creator:

Product Name: Avocado Smoothie Powder

Brief Concept: made of real avocados. just add water. not a meal replacement. snack size servings included. smooth texture. best served chilled.

After Using INK's Shopify Product Description Generator

Here's what came out from our product description generator online:

Avocados make a healthy and delicious snack or meal. Now infuse your water with real avocado for a nutritious and perfectly textured drink. Ideal for a quick boost of energy during the day, these powdered servings infuse the water with potassium, calcium, vitamin C, and natural sugar. Try different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, fruit punch, and mango.

Ebay Description Generator

Ebay is a whole other ball game. You can actually increase the amount you make per product because bids go a long way when your product is enticing. With this platform, you want your product description sample to be as descriptive and alluring as possible. Enter in a few extra details into the brief concept to amplify the bids you receive. Let's take a look at what we get when we auto generate product descriptions for Ebay.

Before Using INK's Ebay Description Generator

Here's what we entered into our product description sample creator:

Product Name: Rare Vintage Van Gogh Painting

Brief Concept: The Starry Night by Van Gogh. The newly found version was created by Van Gogh himself. Never before seen and the only one available in the whole world.

After Using INK's Ebay Description Generator

Here's the product description template that our tool created:

A newly found Van Gogh painting has finally found its way home. This example of the artist's work, which is unique and never seen before, was discovered by a group of desperate art dealers in New York City.

A Product Description Generator for any Item

The samples above are just a hint at what our description maker is capable of. There's no limit to the type of product our description creator can work with, and you don't need a copywriter to produce the content either. Let's move on and discuss the process of putting together a product description template - a.k.a all the work we're taking off your hands!

How Do You Write a Catchy Product Description?

How Do You Write a Catchy Product Description?

How Do You Write a Catchy Product Description?

Writing creative product descriptions begins with identifying your target audience and outlining how your products can help them. You may also want to combine words that convey emotion with compelling stories. That way, your product description can elicit an emotional response. Finally, consider using our product description sample generator to write more copy quickly.

1. Define Your Target Audience

Writing product copy with a large audience in mind is not the best approach. Not only does it make your content weak, but you'll also end up not addressing your target audience sufficiently.

For this reason, great product descriptions usually address a specific audience personally.

The content usually has a conversational tone and answers the queries of potential buyers. Indeed, take things a step further by referring to your audience using the second-person singular, "you."

Consider how you would speak to an in-store shopper. Then adopt similar language in your description - take a minute to try our product description generator online to get a feel of how this works.

2. Outline the Product's Benefits

Self-explanatory products rarely require a detailed description. For example, the target audience for everyday objects is clear. So, you don't need additional features and specifications for, like, a coffee mug. 

However, not all products have apparent uses. In such cases, it would be best to include the product's benefits in your description. These include: 

  • What does the product do?
  • How will the product solve their problem? 

The idea is to consider how your product could make your customer happier, healthier, or more productive. Then, outline these positives in your description. 

3. Tell a Compelling Story

Product descriptions that sell do so because the business provided all the relevant details. Besides convincing the buyer of the product's benefits, such a description also packs an emotional punch.

It's no secret that emotion influences buyers' behavior. So, you can use your product description to elicit the desired sentiment.

But how? One word — stories. Weave a compelling narrative.

Your story should contain rich details, like who made the product and what inspired them to do so. It should also explain the journey involved in making the product.

Writing a story about a product helps you connect with potential buyers at an emotional level rather than at a transactional one. In the end, the buyer should be able to imagine how it feels to own your product.

4. Capture the Brand's Tone And Voice

If you've read several product descriptions on various e-commerce sites If you've read several product descriptions on various e-commerce sites, you may notice the varying tone. That's intentional.

Great product descriptions usually incorporate a brand's tone. Whether it's conversational, professional, cheeky, or straight-laced, the aim is to maintain a consistent tone across your content.

5. Use Words to Convey Emotion In Product Description Writing

Specific words and phrases can elicit an emotional response in humans. Using these words in your description can help convince potential buyers to convert and become paying customers. Our text generator online free - so no cost to you - can help in implementing that emotional response in half the time.

Some powerful words that can make your product descriptions more enticing include "amazing," "breathtaking," "uplifting," "wondrous," and "blissful." Other examples include:

  • Eye-opening
  • Sensational
  • Spectacular
  • Staggering
  • Stunning
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Mind-blowing

When writing your product copy, consider replacing mere descriptive terms with words that elicit an emotional response. For instance, you could replace words like "nice" with "stunning" or "sensational." When you auto generate product descriptions using our tool, all of this is taken into account.

6. Use Bullet Points to Improve Readability

People rarely read web pages word by word. In fact, 79% of users prefer scanning pages to pick out specific words and sentences to reading word by word. As such, your description must be easy to scan. 

Make it easy for your audience. Buyers should be able to find specific information without sifting through the entire copy. One way to do that is to include bullet points in your writing. 

Bullet points provide a concise way to present vital information to potential buyers. This is especially true when the item requires minimal descriptive text. 

Short paragraphs are another way to improve your product description's readability. After putting together your copy using our ecommerce product description generator, consider also bolding specific words to further draw your audience's attention to where you want it most.

7. Optimize for SEO

Optimizing your product description for search engines can help enhance your organic traffic

Search engine optimization may be the most convenient way to attract potential buyers to your product. And it begins with a bit of keyword research — identifying the search terms that buyers use. 

Besides the product description, SEO experts recommend using your keyword in other content such as: 

  • Page titles
  • Image tags (or ALT tags)
  • Meta descriptions

With that said, adding keywords to your product copy doesn't guarantee the number one spot in search engine result pages. However, it can help customers that are actively seeking your product to find it quickly. 

8. Use a Free Product Description Generator

When you have a long list of products in your online store, the prospect of writing each product description may seem overwhelming. One way to avoid this mundane task is to let artificial intelligence do it for you. 

Consider using a free product description generator.

INK's product description generator online is also free and works by generating unique and creative product copy. Think of this AI-powered tool as a personal copywriter that's designed to help increase sales.

What is an Example of a Description?

In addition to the product description sample for different products and markets above, here's another example of how our description generator tool can cut your time in half and increase sales exponentially:

"Get on the right track with these top-of-the-line running shoes. 

Built to give your average Joe a chance against the elite and to keep your running shoes in good shape for an extended period, these are designed for the toughest competition.

That brings us to the final question: 

How to Use INK's Generate Product Description Tool?

Our product description generator helps write unique, high-quality descriptions that can help generate sales. It creates copy that can help convince potential buyers of how your product will improve their lives.

Here's how to use this AI product description generator:

  1. On the INK site, select the Tools    option 
  2. Scroll down to the Grow Tools    section and click Product Description   .
  3. Provide the Product Name and Brief Concept.
  4. Click Create to generate your product description.

Our free product description generator is effective and saves time. 

It can generate Amazon descriptions and more to tell potential customers why they should buy a specific product. More importantly, you won't have to hire someone to help write your product descriptions.