Coming up with ideas for videos to put on YouTube can be challenging with the huge competition on the platform. YouTube is the second largest social media platform with billions of users. You need to stand out with your content to grow your audience.

YouTube can give your content a significant SEO boost. If you’re struggling to decide on the type of content, we have the perfect list of ideas to boost your imagination.

List of Ideas for Videos to Put on YouTube

Creative ideas can greatly affect the effectiveness and viewership of your youtube videos. There are simply too many ideas to consider when you’re in the market for a new video.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best ideas for videos to put on YouTube.

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YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

At the beginning of your YouTube career, you may find it difficult to produce videos that engage your audience. Getting good at YouTube takes creativity, and some of these ideas can help you draw more views.

Introduce yourself

A “Welcome to my YouTube channel” video will introduce who you are, what you do, and what you plan to cover on your channel. Create a self-introductory video welcoming the audience and letting them know what to expect from your channel. Try to encourage viewers to subscribe.

Meet the team video

Create an introduction video for your company’s management so that viewers may get to know them. Viewers are more likely to engage with your business when they can see the people behind the brand.

Share your success journey

Sharing your success journey is a great video idea to engage the audience. Your unique path to success might make for a compelling piece of content for YouTube. Your audience will be inspired by your life if you talk to them about the obstacles you overcame to get to where you are.

Start e vlog video

A vlog is a video that covers a speaker’s personal life and is a form of video blogging.

Lots of vloggers and bloggers talk about themselves while they’re creating content. This is because they think viewers find it more relaxed and less pretentious than a typical staged talk show. So, starting a vlog video is an excellent option to kick-start your YouTube channel.


There are members of your community who are always looking for tips and tricks and ask you questions.

Put together a behind-the-scenes video featuring your YouTube channel and asking your viewers questions. Let viewers know what goes behind the scenes of your blog, business, or YouTube channel.

A day in the life

Through A Day in the Life videos, YouTubers enjoy putting themselves in the shoes of others. This video is all about finding your inner content. It’s about the struggle of mundane, bad ideas and how they turn into something really good.

To give your audience a glimpse into your life, record yourself going about your daily activities in a video.

Educational or Instructional Video Ideas

YouTube is an excellent platform for learning new things and clarifying concepts.

Some of the most important things to consider when creating a video are the topic, the message, the audience, and the objectives. Here are some educational and instructional video ideas for YouTube:

How-to Tutorial Videos

How-to videos are one of the most watched contents on YouTube. These videos are great for answering people’s questions and giving your audience a step-by-step guide on doing something.

From how to cook a dish, install a program, play a song, or be more confident, there are countless possibilities of topics. If you can teach, there’s surely someone out there who wants to learn it.

Explainer Videos

You can create in-depth or concise videos that completely explain a concept. Explainer videos can help people better understand a concept or how something functions.

Share your knowledge through explainer videos. You can explain how to solve a math problem, a coding issue, a theory, or anything associated with your field of work or study.

Cooking or New Recipe Videos

A nice, quick video that can be done in a few minutes and doesn’t require much work can be a cooking or recipe tutorial. Show viewers how to make a favorite family dish, demonstrate a culinary or food preparation skill, or provide your best cooking tips.

Workout Instructional Videos

To post workout instructional videos on YouTube, take the time to learn what your audience is looking for. People often turn to YouTube videos to find out how to perform specific exercises to achieve the best results.

To ensure effective workout sessions, many look for guided exercise programs. Stretching, yoga, and circuit are quite popular videos on YouTube.

DIY Videos

Give your audience a step-by-step method to follow so that they may create something on their own. This is especially useful when you want to teach your audience how to make things at home.

Use everyday items in new ways or recycle old items rather than spending money. Show your audience how you have completed your most recent DIY project.

Fun YouTube Video Ideas

If you have a knack for creativity, you could be one of the many creators of a well-received YouTube video. Of course, creating something fun and unique for a wide audience is never easy. Here are some great funny YouTube video ideas to keep your audience entertained:

Prank Videos

There is a surprisingly great demand on YouTube for prank videos. There are also plenty of pranksters who have succeeded with absolutely no budget.

You can make some funny videos by pranking your friends just to share the humor with your social media audience. You prank the person by doing something unexpected in a public place but make sure it’s always harmless.

Comical Skits

You can create scripted skit videos to gain popularity online. Comical skits are short dramatic clips that lighten the mood and are absolutely harmless.

These videos make people laugh and portray you to the public in a more lighthearted and positive manner away from your normal business.

Funny baby or animal videos

A video with something that makes you laugh goes a long way, and it doesn’t require a lot of work and cost.

A baby or pet that does adorable, weird, or funny things can make people laugh. Record your baby’s adorable moment or your pet’s funny behavior and share it with the audience.

Comical Challenge videos

YouTubers love challenge videos but just be sure your challenges are safe.

Comical challenge videos often do well on YouTube because they are unique. You rarely see videos of someone balancing a coffee cup on their head or pouring a bucket of ice water.

Funny Parodies

Funny parodies for the internet age are sometimes the most popular thing to watch.

Create parodies of well-known songs, movies, and TV shows by making hilarious character impersonations and exaggerating for comedy effect. Parody videos are often what people watch during a long, boring day.


Creating your own YouTube videos isn’t as hard as it may seem. There are tons of ways to create your own work.

The ideas in this article can help you create entertaining videos to connect with the viewers and even make learning fun. Choose a category that suits your personality and kick-start your new YouTube channel towards success.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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